The life science industry’s preeminent accolade for research and innovation to benefit the human condition comes to India!

Join us for the First edition of the Prix Galien India Awards presented by the Gujar Mal Modi Science Foundation (President: Satish Kumar Modi), this comingMarch 3rd at the Taj Mahal Hotel - New Delhi.

With a rich history of scientific contributions to medicine and public health, India is a key player in the production of medicines both in sheer volume and in value worldwide and is the global leader in the production of generic drugs and vaccines ensuring accessibility to treatment to the underprivileged.

India has taken the lead with the world’s largest population, but also represents the largest population of academics in the fields of science and technology per capita. Many exciting treatments and technologies are being developed in India today with tremendous potential to treat and cure disease on a global scale. The Galien Foundation is proud to recognize the teams working tirelessly to ensure positive change to human health and to celebrate these achievements among the nations who have contributed most to improving the human condition.

  • Best Biotechnology Product
  • Best Product for
  • Best Medical
  • Best Startup
  • Best Incubator / Accelerator / Equity

Submission is a simple, easy process. A quick fact sheet and explanatory video of the submission process will be posted shortly.

Prix Galien India presented by the Gujar Mal Modi Science Foundation (President: Satish Kumar Modi)

As early as the sixth century BC, Sushruta, recognized as the “father of surgery” in ancient India, introduced pioneering operations and healing techniques.

He authored Sushruta-samhita, the first important treatise on surgery in the country providing a crucial source of information on matters of surgery, toxicology, pharmacology and pediatrics.

With its long and rich history, the India of today has the academic and scientific infrastructure, the R&D and technology transfer frameworks, the entrepreneurship and the funding to predict double digit growth rates in our current decade. It is no wonder that the world is looking at India with anticipation for new breakthroughs in health.

Prix Galien salutes the nation that has forged a formidable growth strategy in the life science sector since 1970, the year Prix Galien was founded, to become the “World’s Pharmacy” as it is often referred to today. India’s thriving life science sector represents the highest number of FDA approved production facilities outside the US and the country only continues to grow.

The Prix Galien India will be fundamental in:

  1. Recognizing and promoting excellence and through recognition, while enhancing and encouraging a cycle of scientific research excellence and innovation.
  2. Fostering a culture of innovation which values creative thinking, risk taking and the development of solutions that address societal challenges and contribute to economic growth.
  3. Showcasing India’s scientific excellence and potential on the international stage.

We look forward to inducting India’s distinguished innovators to Galien Foundation Hall of Fame in 2024. The winners will join an illustrious list of innovations benefitting human health since the prize’s inception in France in 1970. It is with pride that the Galien Foundation chronicles and honors the winning teams and encourages individuals having working on breakthrough products, devices and solution to become Foundation members and thus perpetuate the importance of their innovation to the advancement of human health.

Prix Galien India Awards Committee

The Prix Galien India Awards committee include 12 esteemed leaders in the life sciences in India. The committee is a neutral body and follows the Prix Galien India Charter (that will be released soon) in selecting the best of the best in biopharmaceutical research and development. The selection committee will be supported by two subcomittees that will short list finalists to the competition.


Professor Manju Sharma, Former Secretary to the Govt. of India, Department of Biotechnology. Chair New Initiative, NASI, Allahabad


Dr Renu Swarup, Former Secretary, DBT, New Delhi
Prof Balram Bhargava, President, National Academy of Sciences India, Prayagraj and AIIMS, New Delhi
President, Indian National Science Academy, or his nominee
President, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, or his nominee
President, Indian National Academy of Engineering, or his nominee
President, National Academy of Agriculture Sciences, or his nominee
Dr S.K. Sarin, President, National Academy of Medical Sciences
Dr Kiran Majumdar Shaw, Executive Chairperson, BICON, Bangalore
Dr Alok Dhawan, Centre for Biomedical Research. Lucknow
Dr Rohit Srivastava, IIT-Mumbai
Prof Ashwani Nangia, Deptt. Of Chemistry, University of Hyderabad
Dr Ram Gopal Rao, Vice Chancellor, BITS Pilani
Shri Anil Khanna, Sr. Vice President, GM Modi Science Foundation, New Delhi
Prof Paramjit Khurana, Member Secretary
Prof Anurag Sharma, IIT Delhi – Member Secretary

Sub-committee in the categories Best Biotechnology Product and Best Product for Orphan/Rare Disease

Prof Alok Dhawan, Director, Centre of BioMedical Research, Lucknow
Prof Radha Rangrajan, Director, CDRI-CSIR, Lucknow
Prof Shashibala Singh, Director, NIPER, Hyderabad
Prof Nikhil Tandon, AIIMS, New Delhi
Prof Sudhanshu Vrati, Regional Centre for Biotechnology, Faridabad
Prof Sudha Bhattacharya, INSA Sr. Scientist, Ashoka University
Prof Paramjit Khurana, South Campus, University of Delhi – Convenor

Sub-committee in the categories Best Medical Technology (including diagnostics tools), Best StartUp and Best Incubator/Accelerator

Prof Balram Bhargava, AIIMS, New Delhi
Dr Jitendra Sharma, AMTZ Campus, Visakhapatnam
Dr K.R. Suresh Nair, Chief Technology Advisor to Foundation for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, an initiative of Tata Trust
Dr Mrutyunjay Suar, DG R&D and Innovation at KIIT University, Bhubaneswar.
Dr V. Premnath, Chief Scientist, Polymer Science & Engineering, NCL. Pune
Prof Madhu Dixit, CDRI, Lucknow
Prof Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath, Centre for Neuroscience, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
Dr Rohit Srivastava, IIT, Mumbai – Convenor

the Prix Galien is the right event, on the right issue at the right time. I thank the Galien Foundation for bringing us together and for recognizing that a healthier world is a safer world and a more just world.”

- Kathleen Sebelius, Former US Secretary of Health and Human Services

“I welcome you to the annual Prix Galien awards for innovative excellence in biomedical products and health technologies. The awards are among the highest honors in science and commerce.”

- Jimmy Carter, US President

“The launch of Prix Galien India is a meaningful tribute to India’s contributions to scienceand medicine, and to the ways India’s talent and ingenuity strengthen our shared work of forging a healthier future for all.”

- Vas Narasimhan, CEO of Novartis